Washington rebuffs Intrepid families
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11OCT12 US Navy Report
01NOV12 Intrepid Project Rebuttal of Navy Report
Why the Navy is wrong
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POW-MP Navy Commander's insulting emails to family
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Normandy caretakers say "Repatriate!"
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The families of the USS Intrepid heroes need your help to bring their forefathers home. Please take a moment to do just three things:

1. Call your United States Senator today at 202-224-3121 and encourage them to support the Rogers/LoBiondo amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. This measure directs the Department of Defense to repatriate the remains of the USS Intrepid heroes.

2. Also CLICK HERE to find out how to write your United States Senator via US Mail and email. It is important to call AND write. Or, click HERE to find their FAX number.

3. Finally, CLICK HERE to sign the petition to bring home the 13 heroes of the USS Intrepid!

How Can Kids Reach Out To Congress: